Burkhini: Muslim Swimming Gear

Guess what people?

I went swimming on the weekend! I love swimming and have been swimming since I was a little kid – whenever people ask me if I’m into any sport, I always say, “nope… except I love swimming!” (THERE Nouman – I will bring some sportiness into this relationship :p)

I associate swimming with my childhood since us sisters have always been into swimming. My memories of weekends and summer holidays are swamped with us swimming for hours, coming home to eat chips as our bodies feel sore, and our nanna telling us that every summer we come to Pakistan looking darker. Haha.

I don’t go very often ever since I have “grown up” mainly because of Hijab issues – I need to go somewhere where either there are no men around or I wear a Burkhini.

So anyway, I decided to go swimming on Sunday – I whatsapp’d Nouman to tell him and this is what he said:

Me: Guess what?
*I wait patiently for him to excitedly type, “WHAT?!?!??!!“*
*I am greeted by silence so I continue with my story*
Me: I’m going swimming today!!!
Him: How :O
Me [thinking Nouman must be having a slow day]: Umm… I’m going swimming…
Him: Hair? Skin?
*It clicks to me what he’s concerned about*
Me: I have a full suit :p haha
Him: Haha :p ok scuba diver :p

Burkhini’s actually do look like a wet suit except that it’s made of swimsuit material rather than rubber. I wore one when I went swimming on Sunday!

If I’m being completely honest, I was a little uncomfortable embarrassed to wear it – what would people think?! Thankfully though, once I put it on all my worries were laid to rest – I felt just like I did when I was a kid… happy to go swimming! They are just like regular swimsuits except that they are longer… add a swimming cap and you’re good to go! :)

Even though I’m comfortable enough to wear a Burkhini on a regular day, I’m not sure if I’d want to bust one out on my honeymoon. I think I would attract way more attention than the girls wearing itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny bathing suits… Jus sayinnnn!

Electric blue and turquoise - what was mumma thinking when she got these?!

p.s. I’m thinking of embarrassing Nouman on the honeymoon by bringing it along – the look on his face will be priceless :) hahaha

4 thoughts on “Burkhini: Muslim Swimming Gear

    1. Shaza's Scrapbook

      Well, it’s not exclusively just for Muslims – but yes, it was designed by a Lebanese-Australian woman who was searching for sportswear suitable for Muslim women. It has since gained alot of popularity with Muslim women! :)

      ~ Shaza ~

  1. Yusra

    Salaam !
    I’m a hijabi and I swimm too wearing a hijabi swimming suit ! the most common brand for hijabis swiming suit is the turjish one ranuna ! it’s beautifully designed with colors n all and also have a bonnet n a piece tht serves like a hijab ! try googling it u’ll LOVE it

    1. Shaza's Scrapbook

      Wsalam Yusra,
      Ooo just Googled it – the colours are so gorgeous! Thanks for telling me about the brand – I haven’t come across this… mainly because my moms been buying them for me so far! :)

      ~ Shaza ~


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