Wedding Entrance Songs

Since we’re getting close to the wedding, I figured I’d start finalizing my entrance songs. I’m not a huge bollywood fan (the last movie I watched was either Om Shanti Om or Jodha Akbar – whichever is most recent) so my song choices are limited. I need your help – especially for the Mayoun/Mehendi entrance songs. Please give me suggestions :)

Here’s what I’m thinking:

I really want a classic mehendi song – the type you sing to at dholki’s

Something upbeat but not punjabi. I definitely don’t want an overplayed song such as Mehendi Hai Rachne Wali - do people still use that song?!

I like dholki’s – My right hand looks really straight for a clap
Photography by Ali K

The shaadi entrance song should be easy enough – there are enough mushy desi songs out there. I do have some songs shortlisted :)

16 thoughts on “Wedding Entrance Songs

  1. Rubies and Ribbon

    Check out my blog – I’ve got some wedding entrance songs under the music category. :).

    My Bollywood-savvy cousins also put together a whole list of mehndi entrance songs for me last year – I can do a post on those if you like? I was planning on doing that at some point! :D

  2. Zara

    As a wedding entrance song Tera Deedar Hua from Jannat 2 or Nazar Se Nazar Miley or Tera Chehra Adnan Sami. Mehndi/Dholki not too sure maybe Na Kajre Ki Dhar Remix version? For walima Tu Hi Mera :-) from Jannat 2 or maybe Mehman by Nafees.

    Or Latika’s theme tune from Slumdog Millionnaire might be nice.

  3. Yusra

    well for the dholki I thought of ” din shagda de” it’s apunjabi one n really nice !!
    For the mehndi what abt “sadi gali” ? or is it too much for a bride ? lol
    Well for me I would say tht the perfect song for them both would be “teri ore” , I know it’s kinda not new , but it’s never old fashioned for entrances !!

    1. Shaza's Scrapbook

      I love Sadi Gali! But I don’t think I want to come out on a Punjabi song. Teri Ore is really nice but sooo overdone now. I’ve been to like 4 weddings with the same entrance song. Sigh :P

      ~ Shaza ~

  4. jowayria

    check out rahet fateh ali khans new-ish songs for this year and the last, some are pretty good :) (if you like his sorta style of music that is) they are usually super cheesy, lovey dovey ones but with nice lyrics!


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