The Modern Bride: Dressed Up Bouquets

Remember my post on brooch bouquets? Today, I bring you pretty bouquets with dressed up stems.

The trend I’m referring to isn’t just about pretty bouquets – it’s about incorporating your wedding dress into the stem of the bouquet. More and more, brides are going for a completely cohesive look; I love how the bouquet pulls together different colours and elements of the wedding.

Examples of what I mean:

  • If a bride is wearing a lace dress, she will dress up her bouquet with lace trimmings
  • If a bride has buttons going down the length of her back, so will her bouquet.

Check out some pretty bouquets below!


Something Blue: A brooch bouquet with lace
Image via Blue Petyl


How about something like this for a South Asian bride?
Image via Blue Petyl


Heirlooms are all the rage these days. How about incorporating your mother’s or grandmother’s wedding dress into your bouquet? Yes, that’s a sleeve!
Image via Bridal Guide. Photography by Nadia D


LOVE this dress inspired look.
Image via Life’s Story Studios

I love the idea of dress replica bouquets or dress inspired bouquets. How about you?

p.s. I have a few more bouquet ideas coming up so stay tuned!

5 thoughts on “The Modern Bride: Dressed Up Bouquets

    1. Shaza's Scrapbook Post author

      I’m not a fan of brooch bouquets for South Asian brides since I think there is way too much bling then. But I love it with white dresses. I do love flowers though… I wish I could get a bouquet everyday. Haha

      ~ Shaza ~

  1. Jojo jeenius

    I read your last blog on brooch bouquets before I got married and HAD to have one with my walima white dress. I ended up ordering one and it was sooooooo gorgeous! Fitted the theme for the day and everyone commented on imhow original it was as not many people had seen it before. Thanks for the post else I’d never have got it :) x


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