Friday’s Feature: Sisters Dance at Our Mehendi

My sisters did a gorgeous dance at our mehendi and I just have to share it with you guys. A little background information:

  • The first song, Jahan Main Jaati Hoon, is copied from a dance that an Indian actress did at an award show. My sisters and I stumbled upon it years ago and loved it. We always talked about learning this dance but we always failed. Needless to say, I was taken away by my sisters’ selection and performance on this song.
  • The second and third last songs – Yeah by Usher and Amplifier by Imran Khan – were a jab at Nouman. He has danced to both of these songs and my sisters were poking fun at him and telling him that they can do it better.
  • My sisters threw in the last song, Dola Re Dola, last minute. Again, for Nouman. Both of our families have always been surrounded by music; our parents dragged us to their musical parties (my dad loves to sing!) when we were kids. At one such party, when Devdas had been newly released, Nouman and another family friend busted out dancing to Dola Re Dola. Since that day, Nouman has danced to Dola Re Dola numerous times – and quite well might I add. Obviously, it had been atleast 5-6 years since Nouman danced to this song, so my sisters threw in this song. It was so last minute that the four of us didn’t even practice together. I called Nouman the night before the mehendi and described what we would do… and then we did!

*Note: I would suggest that you watch the video at its highest quality. I like the setting at 1080p HD*

To get details on their clothes, click here.

Have a great weekend!


6 thoughts on “Friday’s Feature: Sisters Dance at Our Mehendi

  1. Humaira

    I normally don’t watch Mehendi dances cos they’re all the same, but this one just blew me away! Your sisters are so talented mashallah! And loved the bit when you and Nouman jumped up as well! What was the song after Khwab Dekhe? It sounded good.

    1. Shaza's Scrapbook Post author

      Thanks Humaira :) I agree, they did a great job. The song is called Madhubala – I hadn’t heard it before that day but I think it’s my favourite from that night. Love it!

      ~ Shaza ~

  2. Reader

    Seems like everyone had a great time. Mehndis are always so fun and yours look absolutely great! BTW, one question: the bracelet on the main picture of this blog is AMAZING. It has a Victorian touch to it and yet at the same time looks quite contemporary. Very chic. Any idea, at all, where this was bought from? Do you think it is from a jeweler/shop in North America?

    ALSO, looking forward to future blog post(s) about the food served at the mehndi/wedding. I mean about the menu, caterers etc. Of course, no hurry!


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