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PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week 2014 – Day 2 & 3

Day 2 and 3 of PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week saw an even diverse set of designers than Day 1. My favourites of the 2 days are below – Fahad Hussayn, Nickie Nina, Saira Shakira and Nida Azwer. The top collection in my books has to be Nida Azwer’s. Her collection was beautiful – from the colours to the cuts to the style.


Putlighar by Fahad Hussayn


Putlighar by Fahad Hussayn


Putlighar by Fahad Hussayn


Putlighar by Fahad Hussayn


Rumi to Raj by Nickie Nina


Rumi to Raj by Nickie Nina

A Midsummer Night's Dream by Saira Shakira

A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Saira Shakira

A Midsummer Night's Dream by Saira Shakira

A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Saira Shakira


The Ghalib Collection by Nida Azwer

The Ghalib Collection by Nida Azwer

The Ghalib Collection by Nida Azwer


The Ghalib Collection by Nida Azwer


The Ghalib Collection by Nida Azwer

Images via Fashion Central


Ayeza and Danish

I have been wanting to share these images with you guys since the beginning of time – so dramatic, aren’t I? I know there are lots of pictures from this wedding floating around the internet but the images are too lovely not to share.

The bride and groom, Ayeza and Danish, are well-known Pakistani actors (thanks to my mom and mother-in-law, I can recognize alot of Pakistani TV personnel). What I absolutely loved about their wedding was the bride. Her hair, makeup, jewellery and clothing was on point on all the events. Beautiful, classy and so gorgeous; you are going to fall in love!

Wait until you get to her valima look – it is my favourite look of all the events.




10557516_699618646760733_3805905602363641416_o 10553926_699618583427406_9051434936854243410_o 10549273_699618283427436_1551471898347033964_o 10549082_699618000094131_5551912146959621808_o 10604685_699618160094115_6909128649858399211_o


10537016_701348223254442_461210986815969848_n 10472797_701348176587780_6065734185216902021_n



10547195_702235726499025_559907232357556977_o 10458939_702233549832576_8937684709020355556_o 10382430_702233466499251_7594448724828436714_o 1900472_702179506504647_2054430510784844943_o 10604724_702179529837978_8745786630671236250_o10467105_702235356499062_7274494741931812648_o 10498009_702184396504158_7356745923482591914_o 10549128_702234683165796_4003449753027393450_o


10575447_703558146366783_1117184511497434832_o 10321134_703100036412594_7803210444771945007_o 10379983_705142292875035_5869443282164048710_o 1973332_705143112874953_2182369220801358416_o 10504873_703565313032733_8099853174744557888_o


10504973_705062669549664_3670121214813545939_o 1553402_705083102880954_4013874952437425912_o 905880_705042399551691_1069188812157486196_o 1522829_707126726009925_8234882063108017571_o 10498044_705105639545367_3637435394349931304_o 10629410_707109509344980_3949189589975455001_o 10633422_705053912883873_198795344511507141_o 10623896_705127849543146_5073476162079733049_o

All images via Kashif Qadri Photography

Tell me what you think below!


PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week 2014 – Day 1

It’s the time of year when fashion shows are at an all time high around the world and specifically, it is fashion season in Pakistan. This year’s PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week kicked off with designers such as HSY, Sania Maskatiya, Asifa & Nabeel and Karma Red.

This year, I am loving the peaches and the mint greens. I also (still!) can’t get enough of the flowy gowns – I am totally drooling over the dresses by Asifa & Nabeel. Alot of designers are also incorporating flowers into their outfits and while I do love them, I find that too many designers are using them all at once.

The one thing I can’t seem to wrap my head around is all the cleavage that popped up in this week. I think this may have been the first time I have come across so much of it on a Pakistani runway show.

Overall, day 1 was a feast for the eyes. I’m in fashion heaven!



HSY and Sania Maskatiya (top right)

HSY and Sania Maskatiya (top right)


Sania Maskatiya

Sania Maskatiya

Sania Maskatiya


Asifa & Nabeel


Asifa & Nabeel

Asifa & Nabeel

Asifa & Nabeel


Saira Shakira


Karma Red


Karma Red


Karma Red

Karma Red

Karma Red

Images via

What did you think of Day 1?


Reflections by Uzma Baber

All of you ladies that are getting married in the summer, I know you are frantically trying to finalize your wedding dress(es). Now is the time to search and narrow down your choices. This post has some gorgeous dresses for you to draw inspiration from.

For those of you who aren’t planning a wedding, a little eye candy to get us through the week doesn’t hurt. Right?

The beautiful dresses below are from the Reflections collections of Umsha by Uzma Baber. I love the modern touch to the traditional dresses.

Reflections_by_Uzma_Babar_New_Bridal_Collection_14_3 Reflections_by_Uzma_Babar_New_Bridal_Collection_14_8 Reflections_by_Uzma_Babar_New_Bridal_Collection_14_9 Reflections_by_Uzma_Babar_New_Bridal_Collection_14_13 Reflections_by_Uzma_Babar_New_Bridal_Collection_14_14 Reflections_by_Uzma_Babar_New_Bridal_Collection_14_15

All images via the Umsha’s Facebook page


Daily Skin Care Routine

Alot of you have asked me about my skin care routine and I have finally put together a video of what I do on a day to day basis!

What I absolutely love is using natural products and I try my best to stay away from ingredients that I don’t understand. In the video, you will see that my staples are oils and rosewater. I am hoping to get back into taking better care of my skin and I will soon be posting my go-to masks; all natural ofcourse!

Tell me what you love to use on your skin in the comments below!


Fashion Love: Beaudefy

Gorgeous weather this long weekend along with some down time means that I can finally put together a post on my outfit from IMFDF.

For those of you who don’t know, International Muslim Fashion and Design Festival (IMFDF) took place August 23rd & 24th. IMFDF’s goal is to create a platform that helps promote the modest fashion industry and help unite Muslim female led businesses.

I was invited to be on a panel of bloggers that would be speaking about how we started blogging, the challenges we face, how we deal with negativity, etc. I was so so so excited as I would be sharing the panel with Dina Torokia (aka Dina Tokio), Nurlailalov, Saman’s Makeup & Hijabs, Miss Balde and Basma K. It was a pleasure meeting all of them – I felt like a total fan girl and still can’t believe that I met them!

That weekend was a really busy weekend for me and unfortunately I could not attend IMFDF for long (I had two weddings to attend – and you know desi weddings, it’s not just a one day affair). I was able to take a very quick tour of the vendors and there was a great selection of clothes, accessories, makeup, etc. All the fashion shows that I did see were amazing and I wish I had chance to see more.

A big shoutout to Julianna for taking pictures for me that day!

IMG_20140901_222755 IMG_8985

Anyway, back to my outfit. I decided my outfit really last minute – the morning of the event! I wanted to wear something summery as it was supposed to be a bright and sunny day. I had recently purchased a skirt from Beaudefy (you may remember I wore a piece from Beaudefy at SIS) and decided that I wanted to wear it because it was flowy and feminine. I paired my skirt with a pink top and braided my Hijab to give my look an extra oomph.


IMG_8841IMG_8853 IMG_8855 IMG_8858 PicsArt_1409534452711Pink Blouse: ZARA
Skirt: Beaudefy



My Hijab Story – Part 1

I have been wanting to put this out for a long time but I don’t know if I can articulate all my thoughts properly. This is my attempt at talking about my Hijab story. Check out my video for a detailed account of my story but first, a quick summary!


  • My journey to wearing the Hijab started not because I wanted to wear it but because I wanted more knowledge about Islam. I entered my mid-teens and my curiosity about my religion was at an all time high – I wanted to understand the religion I followed
  • As I researched and learned, Hijab was one of the many topics that I researched on. I was unknowingly obtaining knowledge through which my love for Islam grew. I became convinced that Hijab was the right decision for me.
  • I took the Hijab once I knew I was ready to make the commitment to it and when I knew I was making a decision for Allah and not influenced by other people
  • Just like everyone else, my faith fluctuates. Sometimes I am a strong Muslim and sometimes I am not. I have periods where I am practicing Islam alot and at other times I am doing just the bare minimum. This is a struggle that everyone goes through – no matter how religious you are.
  • Alhamdulilah, I have not regretted my decision to take the Hijab. InshAllah, I never do.

Are you or have you struggled with the idea of Hijab? Tell me about your experience below!E29064420825FA0D723FA6F1BD76C3A4

Everyday Hijiab Tutorial

Many of you have asked me to do hijab/turban tutorials so this one is for all of you!

When I wake up in the morning, I give myself exactly 20 minutes to get ready – use the washroom, figure out my outfit, put on some makeup and make both of our breakfasts to go. Naturally, I do things very quickly and I’m always looking at ways to shorten my routine (every second of sleep counts!).

This hijab tutorial is quick, easy and totally put together. It is perfect for those who work or go to school. Another great thing about it is that it requires no pins. Yup, none! Although this does depend on the fabric and how active your day will be.

If the hijab style looks familiar, it’s because this video is from my Kimono photoshoot.

p.s. Over the weekend, I will be recording a “My Hijab Story” video so leave your comments and questions below. I will try to incorporate them in the video!


Modest Fashion For the Summer Heat

In a city as diverse as Toronto, people don’t normally think twice when they see a woman wearing a Hijab. However, the one thing that does arise alot of interest is the summer heat. For someone who loves the summer heat as much as I do, the sweltering temperatures are no big deal. Generally, the hotter it is, the happier I am.

Having said that, I do like to dress according to the weather. Nobody wants to be layering when it’s 30 degrees outside, right? By far, my favourite summer fashion is maxi dresses. I love how feminine and flowy they look! For this video, I styled two dresses – details on the different looks are below and the full outfits can be seen on the video.

Look # 1 – The Turbanator
On super hot days, I like to wear my maxi dresses with a Turban. It can sometimes be a challenge because most maxi dresses are either strapless or have low necks – meaning that I’d be exposing way too much neck than I’m comfortable with. A great way to combat this problem is to use a scarf around your neck. For this look, I paired my dress and turban with another scarf around my neck – this is a great way to give you as much (or as little) coverage as you want.


Look # 2 – Bursts of Colour
This look is pretty standard. I wore a bold dress (helloooo candy cane!) and paired it with a neutral sweater. I wanted to add more depth to the look by adding another colour -  I did that with my hijab. Who would’ve thought dark green and coral pink go together so well?


To view the full outfits, check out the video below. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel ya’ll!

What’s your favourite summer style?