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Reflections by Uzma Baber

All of you ladies that are getting married in the summer, I know you are frantically trying to finalize your wedding dress(es). Now is the time to search and narrow down your choices. This post has some gorgeous dresses for you to draw inspiration from.

For those of you who aren’t planning a wedding, a little eye candy to get us through the week doesn’t hurt. Right?

The beautiful dresses below are from the Reflections collections of Umsha by Uzma Baber. I love the modern touch to the traditional dresses.

Reflections_by_Uzma_Babar_New_Bridal_Collection_14_3 Reflections_by_Uzma_Babar_New_Bridal_Collection_14_8 Reflections_by_Uzma_Babar_New_Bridal_Collection_14_9 Reflections_by_Uzma_Babar_New_Bridal_Collection_14_13 Reflections_by_Uzma_Babar_New_Bridal_Collection_14_14 Reflections_by_Uzma_Babar_New_Bridal_Collection_14_15

All images via the Umsha’s Facebook page


Daily Skin Care Routine

Alot of you have asked me about my skin care routine and I have finally put together a video of what I do on a day to day basis!

What I absolutely love is using natural products and I try my best to stay away from ingredients that I don’t understand. In the video, you will see that my staples are oils and rosewater. I am hoping to get back into taking better care of my skin and I will soon be posting my go-to masks; all natural ofcourse!

Tell me what you love to use on your skin in the comments below!


Fashion Love: Beaudefy

Gorgeous weather this long weekend along with some down time means that I can finally put together a post on my outfit from IMFDF.

For those of you who don’t know, International Muslim Fashion and Design Festival (IMFDF) took place August 23rd & 24th. IMFDF’s goal is to create a platform that helps promote the modest fashion industry and help unite Muslim female led businesses.

I was invited to be on a panel of bloggers that would be speaking about how we started blogging, the challenges we face, how we deal with negativity, etc. I was so so so excited as I would be sharing the panel with Dina Torokia (aka Dina Tokio), Nurlailalov, Saman’s Makeup & Hijabs, Miss Balde and Basma K. It was a pleasure meeting all of them – I felt like a total fan girl and still can’t believe that I met them!

That weekend was a really busy weekend for me and unfortunately I could not attend IMFDF for long (I had two weddings to attend – and you know desi weddings, it’s not just a one day affair). I was able to take a very quick tour of the vendors and there was a great selection of clothes, accessories, makeup, etc. All the fashion shows that I did see were amazing and I wish I had chance to see more.

A big shoutout to Julianna for taking pictures for me that day!

IMG_20140901_222755 IMG_8985

Anyway, back to my outfit. I decided my outfit really last minute – the morning of the event! I wanted to wear something summery as it was supposed to be a bright and sunny day. I had recently purchased a skirt from Beaudefy (you may remember I wore a piece from Beaudefy at SIS) and decided that I wanted to wear it because it was flowy and feminine. I paired my skirt with a pink top and braided my Hijab to give my look an extra oomph.


IMG_8841IMG_8853 IMG_8855 IMG_8858 PicsArt_1409534452711Pink Blouse: ZARA
Skirt: Beaudefy



My Hijab Story – Part 1

I have been wanting to put this out for a long time but I don’t know if I can articulate all my thoughts properly. This is my attempt at talking about my Hijab story. Check out my video for a detailed account of my story but first, a quick summary!


  • My journey to wearing the Hijab started not because I wanted to wear it but because I wanted more knowledge about Islam. I entered my mid-teens and my curiosity about my religion was at an all time high – I wanted to understand the religion I followed
  • As I researched and learned, Hijab was one of the many topics that I researched on. I was unknowingly obtaining knowledge through which my love for Islam grew. I became convinced that Hijab was the right decision for me.
  • I took the Hijab once I knew I was ready to make the commitment to it and when I knew I was making a decision for Allah and not influenced by other people
  • Just like everyone else, my faith fluctuates. Sometimes I am a strong Muslim and sometimes I am not. I have periods where I am practicing Islam alot and at other times I am doing just the bare minimum. This is a struggle that everyone goes through – no matter how religious you are.
  • Alhamdulilah, I have not regretted my decision to take the Hijab. InshAllah, I never do.

Are you or have you struggled with the idea of Hijab? Tell me about your experience below!E29064420825FA0D723FA6F1BD76C3A4

Everyday Hijiab Tutorial

Many of you have asked me to do hijab/turban tutorials so this one is for all of you!

When I wake up in the morning, I give myself exactly 20 minutes to get ready – use the washroom, figure out my outfit, put on some makeup and make both of our breakfasts to go. Naturally, I do things very quickly and I’m always looking at ways to shorten my routine (every second of sleep counts!).

This hijab tutorial is quick, easy and totally put together. It is perfect for those who work or go to school. Another great thing about it is that it requires no pins. Yup, none! Although this does depend on the fabric and how active your day will be.

If the hijab style looks familiar, it’s because this video is from my Kimono photoshoot.

p.s. Over the weekend, I will be recording a “My Hijab Story” video so leave your comments and questions below. I will try to incorporate them in the video!


Fashion Love: Printed Patterns

My favourite season, summer, is finally here! In Toronto, our summer lasts all but 4 months but I definitely have more clothes for this season than any other. Crazy, right?

I am totally loving the trend of crazy prints and patterns. Floral, aztec and geometric patterns are amongst the top trends of this gorgeous season.

Check out the video for three looks:

  • Walk in the Wild
    Here, I paired a blush pink blouse (Forever 21) with an animal print skirt and a delicate long necklace. This look is perfect for those who want to look feminine and dressed up in a maxi skirtIMAG5793a
  • Printed Pants
    If you dare to wear printed pants, this outfit is for you. I added a solid yellow shirt (ZARA) to my printed pants (Forever 21) so that I could balance the bold print while adding some colour


  • Floral Fun
    Remember the grey outfit I posted last summer? This summer, I styled it with floral tights (Forever 21 – you may remember them from this post) and a turban and it made such a big difference to the overall look!


Check out the video below!

What’s your favourite look?


Sisters in Stilettos 2014

Over the weekend, Blossom and Bean and Hijabi Mama hosted an annual fashion event – Sisters in Stilettos (SIS). This fashion event is designed to cater to the modern Muslimah; featuring products, clothing and accessories for the modest fashionistas.

By the time I heard of the event last year, it was a couple of months too late for me to attend. One of my goals this year is to push myself out of my comfort zone so when the opportunity to model for SIS came infront of me, I jumped at the chance. Okay, maybe I didn’t JUMP – a few people had to practically shove me.

The event showcased some of Toronto’s leading Muslimah designers and the guest of honour was Yasemin from YaztheSpaz. She was SO down to earth and humble – I am glad I had the chance to meet her. Confession: I had a total fan girl moment and I got really shy. I was also really tired from doing 5 back-to-back runway shows.

I also met many designers and they were all so amazing! I loved every outfit I wore. The designers I walked for:

  • Peplum Fashion Shop
    I met Suduf, the owner, for the first time a couple of months ago. When I met her, neither of us felt like it was our first meeting. She is such a genuine girl that I felt completely at ease with her. Her collection is AHMAZING (check out the gorgeous clutches she has!) and so afordable. Added bonus: purchases made from the Peplum Fashion Shop support the Because I Am A Girl Foundation.
  • Hijabi Mama
    Hijabi Mama specializes in Kaftans – casual, party wear and pretty much for all occasions. I wasn’t a big fan of Kaftans until I saw the ones that Hijabi Mama has – oh em gee. The fabric and the designs are gorgeous. Perfect for summer weddings for ladies who like to stand out.
  • Citra Style
    I have to say, I was probably the most excited to meet Habiba from Citra Style. She flew in all the way from Dubai to attend SIS so ofcourse I was excited. Aside from the fact that I LOVE her collection, I also could not get over how sweet Habiba was. She asked all the models if they were comfortable in what they were wearing and she took our input. Loved that about her.
  • Beaudefy
    If you love flowy, feminine clothes, then this brand is for you. Nafiza of Beaudefy has perfected the feminine look – I love the cuts and the flowyness of all of her outfits. I would love to live in her collection all summer long!
  • Modesty Collections
    All of the pieces by Modesty Collections are handmade in Canada – how awesome is that?! Stylish, chic and oh-so-comfortable, this line is perfect for those who want to look effortlessly chic.

I had alot of fun and I was also totally exhausted. The entire backstage crew was amazing: the stage manager, the stylists, the makeup team and the helpful volunteers! Check out the pictures below – apologies for the low quality, that’s all I have for now!

Kaftan by Hijabimama

Kaftan by Hijabimama

Left to Right: Green Skirt and Cardigan by Modesty Collections, Pink dress and Kimono by Peplum Shop and the Harem pants and purple coat by Citra Style

Left to Right: Green Skirt and Cardigan by Modesty Collections, Pink dress and Kimono by Peplum Shop and the Harem pants and purple coat by Citra Style



Makeup by Maheen Hasni
Hijab Styling by Fareena

Aren’t all the collections beautiful?! I want EVERYTHING.
Tell me, what’s your favourite look from above?


Fashion Love: Must Have Cover Up – The Kimono

If you have stepped foot in any mall in the last two months, you will not have missed this gorgeous fashion trend. Definitely a favourite look of mine for this season – the Kimono.

I love, love, love everything about Kimono’s. They are light weight (perfect for covering on a hot summer’s day), totally affordable and oh-so-chic. The best thing about Kimono cover ups are their versatility. Paired with the right accessories, it can suit any look; boho-chic, contemporary, vintage, elegant – anything, really!

Kimono’s can be worn with almost anything – jeans, tights, skirt (both a mini and a maxi) and even shorts!



In this video, I am wearing a basic black tank top and jeans with a green, yellow and purple kimono. I accessorized with a purple hijab and bracelet and a chunky green necklace. A very basic outfit but all of a sudden, the kimono adds glam to the look.

As a side note, I had wanted to do this videoshoot outdoors but it was raining really hard. Did you know that apparently photography is not allowed at most malls? A security guard approached us and told us to stop. The first thing I thought, what about all the selfies?!

Outfit Details
Kimono – Sirens
Jeans – Forever 21
Shoes – Aldo
Bracelet – Mexx

Tell me, are you loving this trend too?!


Fashion Love: Full Sleeve Saree

The one aspect of weddings that most brides look forward to is the formal wear they get to splurge on. This is the one time in your life where your family will shower you with clothes and you will not feel guilty about buying a whole new wardrobe.  Seriously, how amazing is that?

Many of you come onto my blog for inspiration on modest and/or hijab fashion. Well, this post is for you ladies! The one type of traditional clothing I was most excited to wear after our wedding was sarees. I had never worn a saree prior to getting married (yup, old school) so I was looking forward to seeing how I would look.

As a Hijabi, I knew I wanted to make sure I was covered fully in a saree – no midriff or arms showing. I’ve blogged about sarees before (here and also here) but today, I am sharing tips on how to cover:

  • Extra Fabric: When you buy your saree blouse, ask the store for extra fabric so you can make it fully cover you. Sometimes, especially with pre-cut fabrics, this is not possible. In these cases, try the below tips
  • Focus on the Sleeve: If you don’t have enough matching fabric, focus on getting the length you want on your sleeve. The sleeve is the most visible part of the blouse therefore it should match perfectly. Since the bottom part of your blouse will not be visible, you can get away with it not matching perfectly. Obviously, try to match it as closely as possible to the rest of your blouse.
  • Tank Top: If you have a dark saree that has 3/4 or full sleeves, you can easily put a tank top under your blouse to cover your midriff. Nobody will even know the difference if the saree is made from a thicker fabric. Last year, I wore a blouse that was exposing approximately two inches of my tummy. Under my dark green blouse, I wore a black tank top and it did not show at all!
  • High Waisted Petticoat: When all else fails, wear your petticoat (the skirt worn under your saree) as high as you can!

If you love sarees, leave a comment with tips on how you rock them!