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The Modern Bride: Ghoongat

Many of us focus on the big items of a wedding – decor, venue, makeup, etc. I find that sometimes it’s the small details that add so much character to the event. Ghoongats, or veils, hold a special place for me at weddings. Ghoongats add elegance and a little bit of tradition that I love so much.

10306721_10152675473524480_5580125287318688861_n 10434315_10152683485279480_1705824316405776926_n 10551468_10152499559544480_7914789023283129281_o 10857878_10152687158839480_3707096621584949140_n1509146_807900802598663_7693039986845979386_n 1900079_692445660777635_1628054222_n 10680044_723404284381649_1436705235952345397_o


Ali Khurshid Photography

Ali Khurshid Photography

Images via
Irfan Ahson Photography
Shahnawaz Studio
Ali Khurshid Photography


Alisha and Adeel

It has been a while, hasn’t it? If you have kept up with my instagram, you’ll know that I have had a busy few weeks. Since my last post, I started a new job, traveled to Punta Cana for a destination wedding and drove to Ottawa for a fusion wedding. It has been an eventful first quarter and I am looking forward to having more down time. This weekend was relaxing and I finally had time to revisit the blogosphere; both my own and catching up with some of my favourite ones. It feels like reconnecting with old friends. On the blog today, feast your eyes upon the beautiful images of Alisha and Adeel’s engagement and reception shoot. The pictures are captured by Nadia D Photography. Engagement 1497503_10153030835963642_1418412432749112961_n 10516628_10153030835948642_1037750283038355734_n1911844_10153030836183642_9219497276473588755_n 10302023_10153030836613642_2141454008601667842_n 10511076_10153030836198642_280112660012216635_n 10574297_10153030836383642_4305688569200293205_n10556236_10153030836373642_7648536008897487033_n10478933_10153030835473642_7423281279235047570_n Reception 1975215_10153210109243642_7523386429227571995_n16110_10153210109333642_1102480886296846979_n 1484143_10153210108828642_1324501069218042347_n 10620765_10153210109008642_95207137747673876_n 10665826_10153210109073642_3719175170575319823_n 10671441_10153210108898642_3694014527560448_n 10713000_10153210108953642_5466885137256068780_n 10352615_10153210109133642_2624016508923630802_n 1620496_10153210109103642_4816897394413125631_n E29064420825FA0D723FA6F1BD76C3A4

The Modern Bride: Long Necklaces

Traditionally, Pakistani brides wore multiple necklaces on their wedding day. One from the bride’s parents, another from her in-laws and a few thrown in for fun. Fashion trends have led bride’s to wear chokers as well as simple necklaces.

One trend that I am loving is the re-introduction of long necklaces. I am an avid lover of saath lara haar’s so the movement towards long necklaces is pure loveliness for me.



10428069_10152656295394480_6019186645666065012_n 10441407_10152507401024480_8095421274609999026_n 10650015_10152517450784215_3501206627753359771_n 10689675_10152621258319480_4578652719615580786_n

Images via
Banga Studios
Fine Art Weddings by Irfan Ahson
Lollipop and Laddu
Rammal’s Digital Photography and Digital Art Hub


The Modern Bride: Old School Glam

It has changed from fall to full fledged winter since the last time I posted on here. Not alot has changed – my work has been busy and I have been cherishing whatever down time I can get. The last few weekends have been great; Nouman and I have had a clear schedule meaning that we could spend lots of time together being lazy bums. We’ve caught up on a lot of Big Bang Theory (we’re so obsessed with that show) and I have recently started watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians (Nouman has been a long time fan of Kimmy Cakes but I am not one who likes watching reality drama; so I’m shocked that I’ve been enjoying the show!).

After catching up on some much needed me time, it’s time to get back on track with my blogging! Today’s post is all about old school glamour. There is something magical about preserving your culture and I love to see bride’s inject their personality to traditional looks. Ghararas, jhoomars, saat lara haar’s, I love them all!

In my eyes, a modern bride isn’t one who embraces the latest trends and styles but also one who is able to carry her traditions with her. Someone who can mix her roots with her contemporary style. If you are a bride that is yearning to showcase her roots on her wedding day without looking outdated, have a look at the brides below for inspiration.


Rammal’s Photography and Digital Hub

Fine Art Weddings by Irfan Ahson

Fine Art Weddings by Irfan Ahson


Lollipop & Laddu


Ali K Photography


Fine Art Weddings by Irfan Ahson


Fine Art Weddings by Irfan Ahson


Fine Art Weddings by Irfan Ahson


Fine Art Weddings by Irfan Ahson

p.s. You guys, leave me a comment below and tell me what you want to see on the blog this year!

Images via
Fine Art Weddings by Irfan Ahson
Rammal’s Photography and Digital Art Hub
Ali K Photography

Lollipop and Laddu


Ayeza and Danish

I have been wanting to share these images with you guys since the beginning of time – so dramatic, aren’t I? I know there are lots of pictures from this wedding floating around the internet but the images are too lovely not to share.

The bride and groom, Ayeza and Danish, are well-known Pakistani actors (thanks to my mom and mother-in-law, I can recognize alot of Pakistani TV personnel). What I absolutely loved about their wedding was the bride. Her hair, makeup, jewellery and clothing was on point on all the events. Beautiful, classy and so gorgeous; you are going to fall in love!

Wait until you get to her valima look – it is my favourite look of all the events.




10557516_699618646760733_3805905602363641416_o 10553926_699618583427406_9051434936854243410_o 10549273_699618283427436_1551471898347033964_o 10549082_699618000094131_5551912146959621808_o 10604685_699618160094115_6909128649858399211_o


10537016_701348223254442_461210986815969848_n 10472797_701348176587780_6065734185216902021_n



10547195_702235726499025_559907232357556977_o 10458939_702233549832576_8937684709020355556_o 10382430_702233466499251_7594448724828436714_o 1900472_702179506504647_2054430510784844943_o 10604724_702179529837978_8745786630671236250_o10467105_702235356499062_7274494741931812648_o 10498009_702184396504158_7356745923482591914_o 10549128_702234683165796_4003449753027393450_o


10575447_703558146366783_1117184511497434832_o 10321134_703100036412594_7803210444771945007_o 10379983_705142292875035_5869443282164048710_o 1973332_705143112874953_2182369220801358416_o 10504873_703565313032733_8099853174744557888_o


10504973_705062669549664_3670121214813545939_o 1553402_705083102880954_4013874952437425912_o 905880_705042399551691_1069188812157486196_o 1522829_707126726009925_8234882063108017571_o 10498044_705105639545367_3637435394349931304_o 10629410_707109509344980_3949189589975455001_o 10633422_705053912883873_198795344511507141_o 10623896_705127849543146_5073476162079733049_o

All images via Kashif Qadri Photography

Tell me what you think below!


Imtiaz & Arozo

While waiting in Istanbul during my long layover, I stumbled across the beautiful wedding of Imtiaz and Arozo by Unique Films.

This wedding exudes a sense of cool and beauty that is hard to find. From the decor (LOVE the floral arrangements) to the venue to the outfits (I think the bridesmaids were my favourite!), everything was beautifully put together.

I wish the video was longer so I could ogle over how lovely everything was.

Imtiaz & Arozo • The Royal Exchange • London Wedding Cinematography from Unique Films on Vimeo.



Vendor Spotlight: Lemon Truffle Designs Inc

Have you ever wondered why I didn’t write a review on my wedding decorators? I had a horrible experience with them. I decided not to publicly disclose their name because I do not want to bring any attention to them – whether its good or bad. Yes, my decor turned out gorgeous but I got what I paid for. Their incredibly poor people skills and their lack of professionalism stands out to me far more than the decor.

It was no brainer then that when my sister was getting married, we knew we had to find a new decorator. My sister and I both came across Lemon Truffle Designs Inc separately and we both fell in love. My sister met with Amna from Lemon Truffle Designs and starting from day one, she could not stop raving about her. Amna understood my sister’s vision immediately and together, they were able to bring my sister’s vision to life.

A few words from Amna herself:

  • Tell us about yourself – what inspired you to start in the wedding industry?
    I had always loved design, it might sound cliché but since I was a little girl it was my dream to go to design school and so I did and graduated with a degree in textile design. I had no interest
    in business or science! All I wanted to do was create pretty things. I became an entrepreneur after my son was born. I gave it a shot by trying out gift baskets but slowly realized that it wasn’t satisfying my creative personality. I moved onto wedding favours which peeked my interest into weddings but I never got the guts to go in full force. My first event was a corporate one and then its history. You do one then you do another. I loved weddings the most as I got to do a bit of everything I loved. There were fabrics, accessories, flowers to work with! What else did I need :)
  • What do you love the most about your line of work?
    I am a very chatty and outgoing person. I love meeting new people and get excited every time I meet a newly engaged couple. Working with flowers, pretty accessories, fabrics and creating something unique each time is what I love most!
  • What can a bride/groom expect from a meeting with you?
    An initial meeting is normally for the couple to get to know me, my way of working, my style and also for me to get a sense of who they are and what their vision is for their wedding. We look at my past work, new ideas, magazines for me to get a sense of what we can put together for them and depending on what they decide we move forward.
  • Your ideas are so unique, how do you stay creative in such a competitive industry?
    I think you should stay true to who you are and your style. Once you realize what your style is you tend to attract couples who share the same taste. To stay creative, I usually try and think outside the box and different than what everyone else is doing. Fashion, nature and our surroundings are my best inspiration and of course a little bit of pinterest never hurts! :)

The colours are just fabulous, don’t you think?

How cute are the details on this one?!

Totally love the feel of this one – LOVE the books, pearls and lace!

Great Gatsby Inspired

Great Gatsby Inspired

For the modern bride

For the modern bride

My sister's mehndi

My sister’s mehndi

My sister and I both loved Amna’s professionalism along with her creativity. My sister was a happy bride and to this day, she always raves about Lemon Truffle Designs Inc! :)


Friday’s Feature: Walk Me Down The Aisle, Daddy

I came across an article by the Huffington Post that touched me so much that I had to share it with you. This video is a collection of pictures of a father walking his 11 year old daughter down the aisle.

After photographer Lindsey Villatoro was hired to take pictures for the Zetz’s family, she had an idea to make her clients 11th birthday a memorable one. Jim Zetz’s was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and his family hired Lindsey to document memorable moments in his last months. For the upcoming 11th birthday of Josie, Jim’s daughter, Lindsey had an idea to make it a memorable one. Knowing that Jim would not be able to attend Josie’s wedding in the future, Lindsey created a faux wedding so that Jim could walk his daughter down the aisle.

The pictures are beautiful.




Pankaj & Avnie: Extravagant Vegas Wedding

Oh em gee.

I don’t even know where to begin for this beautifully luxurious wedding. The wedding of Pankaj & Avnie was captured by A&A Video Productions and is probably one of the most extravagant weddings I have come across. Shot over the course of approximately one week, this wedding epitomizes a true Bollywood wedding. The granduer, the colours, the fun and the traditions are all captured in this gorgeous wedding.

The couple got everything right – down to Avnie having customized bangles with their names on them!

Oh and please notice the amazing videographers – I think they did an outstanding job. They might be my new favourites!

Photography by Mili Ghosh

Photography by Mili Ghosh

Epic Wedding of Pankaj & Avnie Malani from A&A Video Productions on Vimeo.
Image via: Mili Ghosh Photography