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Friday’s Feature: Walk Me Down The Aisle, Daddy

I came across an article by the Huffington Post that touched me so much that I had to share it with you. This video is a collection of pictures of a father walking his 11 year old daughter down the aisle.

After photographer Lindsey Villatoro was hired to take pictures for the Zetz’s family, she had an idea to make her clients 11th birthday a memorable one. Jim Zetz’s was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and his family hired Lindsey to document memorable moments in his last months. For the upcoming 11th birthday of Josie, Jim’s daughter, Lindsey had an idea to make it a memorable one. Knowing that Jim would not be able to attend Josie’s wedding in the future, Lindsey created a faux wedding so that Jim could walk his daughter down the aisle.

The pictures are beautiful.




Pankaj & Avnie: Extravagant Vegas Wedding

Oh em gee.

I don’t even know where to begin for this beautifully luxurious wedding. The wedding of Pankaj & Avnie was captured by A&A Video Productions and is probably one of the most extravagant weddings I have come across. Shot over the course of approximately one week, this wedding epitomizes a true Bollywood wedding. The granduer, the colours, the fun and the traditions are all captured in this gorgeous wedding.

The couple got everything right – down to Avnie having customized bangles with their names on them!

Oh and please notice the amazing videographers – I think they did an outstanding job. They might be my new favourites!

Photography by Mili Ghosh

Photography by Mili Ghosh

Epic Wedding of Pankaj & Avnie Malani from A&A Video Productions on Vimeo.
Image via: Mili Ghosh Photography


Bridal Shower Inspiration: Kate Spade

If you’re following fashion trends, you’ll know that Kate Spade is oh-so-in. Pinterest has been flooded with gorgeous images of Kate Spade inspired parties – classy with a little bit of quirky! If you’re planning a bridal shower this season, you should totally check out the below pictures from The Perfect Palette. This Kate Spade inspired styled shoot is perfection – pink, gold, black and white make the setting look ultra chic.

A Kate Spade themed bridal shower is also perfect for an outdoor spring party; a garden party with such lovely colours and patterns – you can picture it, right?

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For additional pictures from this styled shoot, click here
Images captured by Lauren Rae Photography


Wedding Inspiration Board: Mehndi – A Burst of Colour

Mehndi’s are full of colour and one of my favourite events. You all know that I love emerald green but my sister opened my eyes to a softer palette for the mehendi. The below inspiration board is for all of you brides that dare to wear lighter colours on your mehendi. One of the best things about wearing a more neutral colour is that it gives you a wider range of colours to play with for your decor. If I was a bride wearing the below outfit, I would draw on the contrasting colours in the dress (pink, green and blue) and incorporate them in all the details of the event.


Dress: Fahad Hussayn
Decor: Sara Baig Designs (Z Molu Photography)
M&Ms: Photography by Aliph Aur Meem
Table Setting: Nisha Chandra Events (One² Photography)
Mehendi: Sanaa’s Mehendi (Noor Photography)
Cupcakes: Cupcake Chalet (Noor Photography)


Behind the Scenes: The Wedd Lounge

As I mentioned in a recent post, I had been contemplating about the direction and purpose of my blog last year. In December, I had renewed inspiration for my blog. I launched a YouTube channel (for fashion) and finally started giving my heart to the blog again.

In the midst of my renewed dedication to the blog, a new opportunity came knocking on my door. I was invited by Film Style Weddings to join their new project. They have launched a web series, The Wedd Lounge, where couples and their wedding vendors talk about their wedding, how the couple’s vision was brought to life and all sorts of stories and experiences from their wedding.

I was escatic and extremely nervous when they asked me to sit in as a blogger. My mind was whirring: What on earth would I talk about? What the heck do I even wear? What if I make a total fool of myself? The list was endless.

After exchanging emails and phone calls with Film Style Weddings, I was all set and on my way to the show. I was nervous but giddy. At this point, I still wasn’t sure if I would be getting a script or a guideline of what I should say. Once I arrived on set, I saw Shirley and Richard Wu from Beauty Concept and felt much more at ease. If you recall, Shirley did my wedding and reception makeup so it was great reconnecting with her (personally, I was surprised and touched that she remembered so many small conversations while she got me ready on my wedding day!). Although I had my makeup done already, Shirley was on hand to touch up everyone’s makeup – a girl can never say no to professional makeup!

The host, Reshma Bhargava, is super friendly. She is full of personality and reassured me that it is totally normal to feel nervous. I didn’t get alot of chance to talk to Jawad Mir – the man behind the concept of The Wedd Lounge – since he was running the show. The crew on set were easy going and oh-so-friendly.


This episode stars a gorgeous Pakistani wedding with a dream team that brought their vision to life. Photographed by Z Molu Photography, filmed by Film Style Weddings, designed by Sara Baig Designs and the hair and makeup was done by Noor Artistry – how could it be anything less than beautiful? It was a stunning wedding that had the perfect blend of tradition and modern. For now, take a look at a short behind the scenes video I put together. I won’t spoil the actual episode – you can watch that once it airs!

If you are getting married soon and would like to be on their show, check out their website! Let’s face it girls, any opportunity to talk about our weddings is always welcome, right?

You can stay connected and watch episodes of The Wedd Lounge either on Youtube Channel or Vimeo.