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Friday’s Feature: Sisters Dance at Our Mehendi

My sisters did a gorgeous dance at our mehendi and I just have to share it with you guys. A little background information:

  • The first song, Jahan Main Jaati Hoon, is copied from a dance that an Indian actress did at an award show. My sisters and I stumbled upon it years ago and loved it. We always talked about learning this dance but we always failed. Needless to say, I was taken away by my sisters’ selection and performance on this song.
  • The second and third last songs – Yeah by Usher and Amplifier by Imran Khan – were a jab at Nouman. He has danced to both of these songs and my sisters were poking fun at him and telling him that they can do it better.
  • My sisters threw in the last song, Dola Re Dola, last minute. Again, for Nouman. Both of our families have always been surrounded by music; our parents dragged us to their musical parties (my dad loves to sing!) when we were kids. At one such party, when Devdas had been newly released, Nouman and another family friend busted out dancing to Dola Re Dola. Since that day, Nouman has danced to Dola Re Dola numerous times – and quite well might I add. Obviously, it had been atleast 5-6 years since Nouman danced to this song, so my sisters threw in this song. It was so last minute that the four of us didn’t even practice together. I called Nouman the night before the mehendi and described what we would do… and then we did!

*Note: I would suggest that you watch the video at its highest quality. I like the setting at 1080p HD*

To get details on their clothes, click here.

Have a great weekend!


Friday’s Feature: Nouman & Shaza’s Mehendi

Finally, it’s time! I am so happy to be able to share these pictures with all of you. It has been hard selecting pictures since there are so many but I finally sat down to do it. Our mehendi was so much fun – I wish I could go back! Without further ado, check out the pictures below that were taken by our photographer,  Big Al Studios.

For the decor, I wanted to keep everything simple. I am in love with tents so that is all that I had wanted for the stage.

My outfit was mainly emerald green with accents of magenta and navy blue. My parents and sisters wore the reverse colours of me – mainly magenta or navy blue. Both the males and females on my side wore navy blue – the men were provided with turquoise dupatta’s. Nouman’s family gave beige kurta’s to all the boys and turquoise dupatta’s aswell. Nouman’s male cousins all wore white. Nouman wore a brown kurta with a beige shalwar and dupatta.

Therefore, the decor matched the above colours. The tent was mainly green with panels of navy blue, turquoise and magenta. I did not want an overtly pink look – I preferred to have the blue’s and greens more prominent. The tablecloth and chair covers were gold with turquoise overlays for the tables and navy/royal blue napkins.

Some of the hors d'oeuvre and appetizers

Some of the hors d’oeuvre and appetizers



Signing the graffiti wall

Signing the graffiti wall

Mehendi Thaals:
Nouman’s family had cute trays and candles that they had decorated with flowers and pearl necklaces. I bought most of my stuff from the dollar store – with the exception of a few pieces from Pakistan. My side had: flower baskets, lanterns, colourful candleholders, a tray with small bowls filled with mehendi, ubtan and toothpicks (from Pakistan), a decorated mehendi plate from Pakistan with 2 paans (leaves) that my mom had attached gota to, velvet paisley and glitter trays, 2 trays of chooriyan covered with velvet fabric, a green coloured platter from Pakistan full of fruits, a basket full of nuts from the Middle East and a tray with Nouman’s flower haar (garland).

I bought flower baskets and the lantern for my cousins

Flower baskets and lanterns for my cousins – Dollar Store. We filled the baskets with rose petals

Mehendi thaals before our entrances

With the exception of the candleholders (top right), everything is from Nouman’s side. I bought the candleholders from the Dollar Store

My mom, sisters and I (mainly my mom) made the velvet paisley trays. I couldn't find fans when I went to Pakistan. My mom's mami saved the day and bought the fans for me

My mom, sisters and I (mainly my mom) made the velvet paisley trays. I couldn’t find fans when I went to Pakistan. My mom’s mami saved the day and bought the fans for me. The 2 green trays (bottom left) are full of chooriyan – my moms friend made the velvet covers. The tray in the middle has Nouman’s haar.

Nouman’s Entrance:
As he entered behind the girls, the music cut to Brooklyn Go Hard by Jay-Z ft. Santogold. Nouman donned a “NY” hat at the entrance of the hall and then walked to the stage.

Nouman getting ready to make his entrance

Nouman getting ready to make his entrance

Nouman's entrance

The guys dancing

My Entrance:
The doors opened to the first beat of Peer Manava (Black and White). As I walked, I was nervous and excited.

Nouman's family ready to receive me

Nouman’s family ready to receive me

Making my entrance

Making my entrance

Peeking through my mamoo's arm

Peeking through my mamoo’s arm

My nerves captured on camera

My nerves captured on camera (by the way, look – my nails did grow! Thank you all for the tips)

I had learned from my baat pakki and kept fruits instead of mithai for our feeding. As a result, even though we had a long lineup of people feeding us, I didn’t feel sick.


Top to Bottom: Nouman’s mom tying gajray (flower bracelets) on my hands, Mehendi (henna) on our leaf, the fruit tray that we were fed from

Nouman's mom

Nouman’s mom putting the mehendi on my leaf

Trying to get in a few words to each other amidst all the chaos

Trying to get in a few words to each other amidst all the chaos

Our Photoshoot:
Most of the pictures below were taken separately before we saw each other. The photoshoot we had of us during dinner was mainly a couples shoot (duh!). The last two pictures in this section are from out photoshoot together.

Nouman's "getting ready" shots

Nouman’s “getting ready” shots

My turn

My turn


Hiding behind my ghoonghat

Hiding behind my ghoonghat




Striking a pose and being silly

Striking a pose and being silly

Stuffing my face with cotton candy!

Stuffing my face with cotton candy!


Dholki and Dances:
The most enteratining portion of the night – everybody did a fantastic job. We had seven dances in total – each roughly around 4-5 minutes. My sisters dance was 9 minutes long! Dances were done by: My family friends – Shahab Brothers, Family Friend Girls, Family Friend Boys, My Sisters, Nouman’s brother and sister-in-law, Nouman’s cousin and Nouman and the boys. With the exception of the last dance, all of them used a medley of songs – surprisingly, not a single song overlapped!

The ladies having a blast on the dhol

The ladies having a blast on the dhol

Nouman's cousin

Nouman’s cousin


Clockwise from Top Left: Girls dance, Shahab brothers, brother and sister-in-law’s and my sisters!

Nouman and the guys dancing to Kolaveri Di

Nouman and the guys dancing to Kolaveri Di

Dancing the night away

Open dance floor


Dancing the night away

The end.

Looks like we maintained good posture

Looks like we maintained good posture

*All the images used in this post are courtesy of Big Al Studios.*

To read about the Mehendi Day, check out my posts: Mehendi Day – Part 1 and Mehendi Day – Part 2. For information on my makeup, check out my tips for a DIY Mehendi Look.

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Friday’s Feature: Alineh and Rafi

Today’s feature is a cute and endearing video by Desi Vibe Studios. I love how sweet the couple is with each other – somebody say AWWWW already!


Photography by Talha Siddiqi

Photography by Talha Siddiqi


Photography by Talha Siddiqi

Alineh and Rafi – Highlights from DesiVibe Studios on Vimeo.


Have a good weekend :)

Friday’s Feature: Rizwana & Shoaib

Today’s wedding is full of fun and elegance. The one thing that was so unusual and drew me to this wedding was the fact that the mehendi was planned by the groom! Yup, that’s right girls. The entire vision was planned and executed as per the grooms wishes. How awesome is that?!

You know it’s going to be a great party when there’s popcorn



Love the colours!




How elegant is the bride’s outfit?


I love dark shadowy pictures – they give me chills



 *All the above images belong to Rima Darwash*

Have a good weekend!













Friday’s Feature: Kolaveri Di Dance By The Hulla Gulla Boys

I have received a few messages from you guys asking me to post more pictures and videos from our wedding. SO, here I am – posting a dance video from our mehendi.

This dance was done by the Hulla Gulla Boys with a special appearance by Nouman! I had no idea that he would do a choreographed dance at the mehendi – although I should have known because he loves to dance. Before Gangnam Style hit our airwaves, everybody was enjoying the tunes to Kolaveri Di. Sit back, relax and enjoy the Hulla Gulla Boys version of Kolaveri Di!

 Have a good weekend!




Friday’s Feature: Amna + Bilal

I recently came across the work of Lollipop and Laddu and fell in love. This is a Pakistan based group that provides photography and videography services. I really like the uniqueness of their videos – they have a good eye for all things fun!

Anyway, I had been stalking them for quite a while before I stumbled upon Amna + Bilal’s wedding. I watched around half of this video before I realized this is my mom’s cousin. This gives you an insight as to how out of it I am sometimes. I love this video because of the colours, the dances and the fun!

Bride makes her entrance wearing sunglasses and on a bicycle; the groom enters on a rickshaw – it doesn’t get any funner than that, does it? :)

Have a good weekend!

Friday’s Feature: Iqra & Saad

A beautiful wedding, a gorgeous bride and a stunning couple MashAllah.

I love the peace, beauty and simplicity that is being emulated in these images



I love the bride’s wedding look – it’s traditional with a modern twist. For those of you wondering, the bride is wearing HSY

I love the contrast between the wedding and valima day. The softness of this day exudes class and sophistication. The bride is wearing Sana Safinaz

*Images via G and H Photography*

Have a good weekend!

Friday’s Feature: Brothers Dance at Our Mehendi

I am dying to share details about our wedding but unfortunately I have very few pictures/videos. Until we don’t get our professional pictures/videos, I can share very limited information. Oh well…

I do have a mehendi video to share with all of you! The dance was done by 3 brothers who are one of our oldest family friends. This was the first dance of the night and it surely set the tone for the night – party, party, party! The boys did a great job – they even surprised me by pulling me up to dance at the end. I had NO idea that they were going to do that but I loved the easy-to-follow steps they had.

These guys took time out of their hectic life (check out their restaurant, Aunty’s Kitchen/Cafe) to make our day(s) more fun and memorable for us – thank you guys :)

The video quality doesn’t do justice to their dance – their facial expressions were HILARIOUS!

I know it’s not too clear in the video, but their t-shirts read “Congrats Shaza & Nouman” – isn’t that so sweet? They gave me one to have as a keepsake – yes, washed ofcourse. Oh, by the way, that’s me in the green. The bride. YEAY!

Have a good weekend :)

Friday’s Feature: Izabella & Garin

If you follow me on Facebook, you might have predicted that Izabella & Garin’s stunning wedding would be featured today.

You have probably noticed that I have posted Z Molu Photography’s work numerous times. What can I say, I stalk him religiously and LOVE his work. Seriously, someone hire him to a wedding/party and invite me. Please. Anyway, this wedding has now tied with my all-time favourite wedding by Z Molu. That’s pretty special.

Izabella & Garin got married in Jamaica (this was almost our honeymoon destination by the way) and their pictures are simply beautiful. The couple looks relaxed, happy and so much in love. I love the contrast of softness and edgyness that Z Molu captured.

I think I’m in love.


So much drama. I love it.

I’m going to stop commenting on the pictures – my vocabulary is not big enough

I had no idea someone can take pictures of the same object and make it so unique each time

How do people look so picture-perfect without trying?

He looks so happy! I wonder if he’s singing

I’d like a beach wedding

Doll House!

Why can’t desi movies do their dupatta scenes like this?


Is that a boat tipped to the side?! Genius!

I love the feel of this picture – the bottom of her dress screams personality

Lastly, my favourite image of this wedding – Breathtaking.

*All the above images are via the Facebook page of Z Molu Photography*

Have a good weekend everyone :)