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Vendor Spotlight: Lemon Truffle Designs Inc

Have you ever wondered why I didn’t write a review on my wedding decorators? I had a horrible experience with them. I decided not to publicly disclose their name because I do not want to bring any attention to them – whether its good or bad. Yes, my decor turned out gorgeous but I got what I paid for. Their incredibly poor people skills and their lack of professionalism stands out to me far more than the decor.

It was no brainer then that when my sister was getting married, we knew we had to find a new decorator. My sister and I both came across Lemon Truffle Designs Inc separately and we both fell in love. My sister met with Amna from Lemon Truffle Designs and starting from day one, she could not stop raving about her. Amna understood my sister’s vision immediately and together, they were able to bring my sister’s vision to life.

A few words from Amna herself:

  • Tell us about yourself – what inspired you to start in the wedding industry?
    I had always loved design, it might sound cliché but since I was a little girl it was my dream to go to design school and so I did and graduated with a degree in textile design. I had no interest
    in business or science! All I wanted to do was create pretty things. I became an entrepreneur after my son was born. I gave it a shot by trying out gift baskets but slowly realized that it wasn’t satisfying my creative personality. I moved onto wedding favours which peeked my interest into weddings but I never got the guts to go in full force. My first event was a corporate one and then its history. You do one then you do another. I loved weddings the most as I got to do a bit of everything I loved. There were fabrics, accessories, flowers to work with! What else did I need :)
  • What do you love the most about your line of work?
    I am a very chatty and outgoing person. I love meeting new people and get excited every time I meet a newly engaged couple. Working with flowers, pretty accessories, fabrics and creating something unique each time is what I love most!
  • What can a bride/groom expect from a meeting with you?
    An initial meeting is normally for the couple to get to know me, my way of working, my style and also for me to get a sense of who they are and what their vision is for their wedding. We look at my past work, new ideas, magazines for me to get a sense of what we can put together for them and depending on what they decide we move forward.
  • Your ideas are so unique, how do you stay creative in such a competitive industry?
    I think you should stay true to who you are and your style. Once you realize what your style is you tend to attract couples who share the same taste. To stay creative, I usually try and think outside the box and different than what everyone else is doing. Fashion, nature and our surroundings are my best inspiration and of course a little bit of pinterest never hurts! :)

The colours are just fabulous, don’t you think?

How cute are the details on this one?!

Totally love the feel of this one – LOVE the books, pearls and lace!

Great Gatsby Inspired

Great Gatsby Inspired

For the modern bride

For the modern bride

My sister's mehndi

My sister’s mehndi

My sister and I both loved Amna’s professionalism along with her creativity. My sister was a happy bride and to this day, she always raves about Lemon Truffle Designs Inc! :)


Behind the Scenes: The Wedd Lounge

As I mentioned in a recent post, I had been contemplating about the direction and purpose of my blog last year. In December, I had renewed inspiration for my blog. I launched a YouTube channel (for fashion) and finally started giving my heart to the blog again.

In the midst of my renewed dedication to the blog, a new opportunity came knocking on my door. I was invited by Film Style Weddings to join their new project. They have launched a web series, The Wedd Lounge, where couples and their wedding vendors talk about their wedding, how the couple’s vision was brought to life and all sorts of stories and experiences from their wedding.

I was escatic and extremely nervous when they asked me to sit in as a blogger. My mind was whirring: What on earth would I talk about? What the heck do I even wear? What if I make a total fool of myself? The list was endless.

After exchanging emails and phone calls with Film Style Weddings, I was all set and on my way to the show. I was nervous but giddy. At this point, I still wasn’t sure if I would be getting a script or a guideline of what I should say. Once I arrived on set, I saw Shirley and Richard Wu from Beauty Concept and felt much more at ease. If you recall, Shirley did my wedding and reception makeup so it was great reconnecting with her (personally, I was surprised and touched that she remembered so many small conversations while she got me ready on my wedding day!). Although I had my makeup done already, Shirley was on hand to touch up everyone’s makeup – a girl can never say no to professional makeup!

The host, Reshma Bhargava, is super friendly. She is full of personality and reassured me that it is totally normal to feel nervous. I didn’t get alot of chance to talk to Jawad Mir – the man behind the concept of The Wedd Lounge – since he was running the show. The crew on set were easy going and oh-so-friendly.


This episode stars a gorgeous Pakistani wedding with a dream team that brought their vision to life. Photographed by Z Molu Photography, filmed by Film Style Weddings, designed by Sara Baig Designs and the hair and makeup was done by Noor Artistry – how could it be anything less than beautiful? It was a stunning wedding that had the perfect blend of tradition and modern. For now, take a look at a short behind the scenes video I put together. I won’t spoil the actual episode – you can watch that once it airs!

If you are getting married soon and would like to be on their show, check out their website! Let’s face it girls, any opportunity to talk about our weddings is always welcome, right?

You can stay connected and watch episodes of The Wedd Lounge either on Youtube Channel or Vimeo.


Karen Tran Florals and Events

I came across Karen Tran Florals and Events on Instagram and knew I had to share the overload of gorgeousness with you. Based in California, Karen Tran Florals creates exquisite floral arrangements for all sorts of occasions.

I found her work to be ultra modern, chic and just the right amount of dazzle to enhance any girls wedding day.

I also love that she offers her experise on event planning and arrangements via her master classes. The floral experience is designed to help take your business to the next level.

892212_736410646386896_1772258491_o 1461274_738334842861143_91657478_n 1474618_750838151610812_1690924939_n 1486870_738997442794883_1573278913_n 1508536_746695448691749_1000263236_n 1526301_750502274977733_756430306_n 1537502_759352397426054_1225960969_o

1525704_765193606841933_677690872_n 1547949_766606133367347_1150196474_o

Wouldn’t it be amazing to wake up to a room full of such beautiful flower arrangements one day? A girl can dream, right?

All the above images are via Karen Tran Floral’s Facebook Page


Vendor Review: Beauty Concept by Shirley Wu

I promised that I would write a review about my makeup after the wedding was done – finally, here I am fulfilling that promise.

Just like many of you, I wondered if the makeup was worth the price she charged. I am happy to tell you that it really is.

I have heard/seen brides who don’t have foundation matching their skin, their dupatta does not stay in place, the hair starts coming undone or that the makeup starts to come off by the end of the night; revealing a tired bride. Everybody dreams of looking her best and makeup plays a key role in it.

Shaadi Day
For the wedding day, I wanted to look like a traditional bride. I showed Shirley a picture of what I wanted and after discussing it in detail with me, we settled for my look. What I asked for:

  • Hair: Since I wear a Hijab, I wanted a bun that would give me the traditional pouf but also would keep hair away from my face. Shirley did my hair so fast that I panicked that she would be done before my photographer got there. She made the perfect bun in every sense – look, height, shape and most importantly, longevity!
  • Makeup: I wanted red lips and black and gold for the eyes
  • Dupatta Style: To go with my traditional look, I asked for the “maharani” style


I wanted to look completely different at the reception – modern and chic.

  • Hair: Same as before, I asked for a bun
  • Makeup: I wanted dramatic eyes and neutral lips
  • Dupatta Styling: Since I had a thick borders on my coat, I wanted my dupatta to be completely at the back

I was so glad to have selected Shirley as my makeup artist. She is friendly, professional and great at what she does. My makeup did not melt away nor did my hair/dupatta get displaced – even though I had an outdoor shoot and danced the night away on the valima. I could have ran a marathon and my jewellery would have remained at the exact same spot. The entire staff is also very friendly – I had a big ring that I decided not to wear, Maggie jumped in and styled it in my hair for Nouman. When I went back for my sister’s wedding, they even remembered me. Good customer service and great talent. I would recommend Shirley in a heartbeat.


Photo Credit: Big Al Studios
Makeup: Beauty Concept by Shirley Wu


Vendor Review: Grand Empire Banquet Hall

I fell in love with Grand Empire the moment I saw it’s plans at one of the wedding shows. I poured over the pictures and thought that this place was truly grand and just what I wanted. Although I loved everything about the venue, I knew it would be over my budget. Hence, I never made a call to inquire about prices.

One day, after our crazy search for venues, I told Nouman that I DID have a perfect place in mind. I had not shared it with him because I knew that it had to be over our price range. Nouman asked me to send him the website and he also fell in love.

We inquired about the price and ofcourse, it was more than I wanted to pay. Nouman could tell that I absolutely loved the venue and asked me to leave the negotiating to him. I tried to talk him out of it but he would not budge. He asked me to give him two weeks and at the two week mark (I had a meltdown at one point), he called me to tell me that the deal had been made. I couldn’t believe it!

We worked with the owner’s son, Gurjit, and he was very accommodating. Below, I have highlighted my experience in detail:

  • Food: While Grand Empire was willing to work with us to provide Halal food, my parents did not like the biryani. The appetizers were outstanding but the biryani was not up to par. I went to a wedding at Grand Empire six months after our wedding and the biryani tasted fine to me – I believe they have changed their caterer.
  • Furniture: Although we got married one year after their expected opening date, the lobby furniture had still not arrived by our wedding. I was definitely disappointed – there was no fancy couch in the bridal room, no TVs in the bridal room or washroom and no furniture in the washrooms or lobby. I do not think any of my guests noticed, but I did.
  • DJ Booth: This is two fold – the good thing about the DJ booth is that it is tucked away near the top corner of each hall. However, communicating with the DJ is very tough. When it was time for my entrance, my sisters had told the DJ that they would signal to him when to start my song. However, since the DJ was far away, he must have not been able to find them in the crowd – I was waiting outside the door (in the lobby) wondering why my music hadn’t started. The delay was only a few minutes but communication is difficult. It is also tough to keep running up and down the stairs if you need the DJ’s attention for something. A simple solution to this problem: have an intercom in the DJ booth and the hall! I think Grand Empire should have an intercom/phone device that allows family members to connect with the DJ.
  • Bridal Room: The bridal room is very spacious. There is a full length mirror and a big (and clean) washroom. However, at the time of my wedding, the only furniture in the room was a round table and two chivari chairs.
  • Service: The service was great. On the day of the wedding, Gurjit had assigned two staff members to take care of Nouman and I. Not once did I have to ask anyone to bring me appetizers or drinks into the bridal room – I was well taken care of. At dinner time, Gurjit approached us himself and asked if we would like to have dinner set up in a private room – how sweet is that? Although we did not have time to sit down for a meal, the staff picked out a few sweet treats that Nouman and I could enjoy on the go.
  • The Venue: The venue itself is gorgeous. It has amazing lighting – both indoors and outdoors (LED tree’s anyone?!) – and gorgeous interior decor. There is even a huge aquarium! It was the perfect setting for my traditional wedding day.
The venue from the outside

The venue from the outside

Indoors - Gurjit, left, keeping an eye on everything

Indoors – Gurjit, left, keeping an eye on everything

Overall, I loved my wedding venue and would not have chosen anything else. It was my dream venue and I could not have been happier with the end result.

Images via Big Al Studios


Friday’s Feature: I Alam Photo

This past weekend, Nouman and I went to our final wedding of 2012 – yup, final wedding on the final weekend of 2012. If anyone is keeping count, this was our 12th wedding of the year – most with multiple events. It was Nouman’s friends wedding and we had a great time. This wedding was where we met the subject of today’s feature – an up and coming photographer, Iftekhar Alam aka I Alam Photography.

While the bride and groom were doing their photoshoot, Nouman and I (okay, I dragged him into it) started taking pictures in the lobby too. We were travelling back in time to our wedding day since we were at the same hall as our shaadi. Anyway, Nouman and I were watching the photographer (creepers, yes) and we loved his energy and the style of pictures he was taking. At one point during the night, I was standing next to the photographer while taking pictures of people on stage. As you know, I am pretty outgoing so I struck up a conversation with him. Turns out, he is a very sweet person; I think I saw him smiling the entire time through all three events. He was easy to talk to and sounded genuinely enthusiastic about his work.

On the reception day, we viewed the pictures he took on the wedding day and I LOVED everything. The few teasers I have seen from the reception day seem to be even better.

*All the below images belong to I Alam Photography*

Love the rawness of this picture - 2 friends acting all demure and then shove

Love the rawness of this picture – 2 friends acting all demure and then pushing each other for the bouquet.




Love this shot!

Love this shot!


This picture perfectly captures the anticipation of everyone as the bride makes her entrance

This picture perfectly captures the anticipation of everyone as the bride makes her entrance. I also love the expression on the bride






Look at all the angles and lines



You know I have a thing for dark pictures

And now, on to my favourite pictures:




My absolute favourite - this is regal, classy and oh-so-sophisticated

My absolute favourite – this is regal, classy and oh-so-sophisticated

If I were a competitor, I’d keep an eye out.

Have a great weekend!


Friday’s Feature: Nadia D Photography

I don’t know about you but I can’t get enough of photographers. There is something about pictures that speaks volumes to me – it’s a glimpse into another persons life from the eyes of someone else.

I recently came across a photographer that made me want to stare at their work – not in a creepy way guys, geez. Nadia D Photography caught my attention because the work is unique and oh-so-captivating. I love everything about these pictures. The darkness, the softness and the perfect lighting – I’m in love!

You know I have an obsession with dark pictures



Love this



Um.. LOVE!



How can a couple near lampost and on a bench look so amazing?


Boss picture

 *All the above images are via Nadia D Photography*

Have a great weekend!



Friday’s Feature: Najia and Asfia

Today’s feature is the famous work of Najia and Asfia. Najia and Asfia are based in Lahore, Pakistan and double up as photographers and makeup artists. What a great combination – for a bride to have completely flawless pictures, both of these vendors need to work together. Their work is ah-mazing!

Models for Maria B

Anyone else in love with the jewellery in these pictures? Gorgeous!



*All the above images are via Najia and Asfia’s Facebook Page*

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday’s Feature: Rammal’s Photography and Digital Art Hub

I’ve been wanting to feature this Islamabad based photographer for a while – you  might recognize their work from previous posts of mine.

Anyway, I think Rammal has a very unique eye and is able to capture some extremely gorgeous moments. Is it just me or all her brides super stunning and well dressed?

How cute is this?

And this?

This bride is a designer and wore one of her own creations

You probably remember this bride from one of my previous posts!

I love the picture of the bride and her parents walking in! Can you tell her dad is sad? Sigh!

Check out that amazing door

I love twirling pictures!

This bride is stunning. If she’s not a model, she totally should be

*All the above images are via Rammal Photography’s Facebook Page*

Have a good weekend! I may be cooking on Sunday – pray for me!