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Friday’s Feature: Nouman & Shaza’s Mehendi

Finally, it’s time! I am so happy to be able to share these pictures with all of you. It has been hard selecting pictures since there are so many but I finally sat down to do it. Our mehendi was so much fun – I wish I could go back! Without further ado, check out the pictures below that were taken by our photographer,  Big Al Studios.

For the decor, I wanted to keep everything simple. I am in love with tents so that is all that I had wanted for the stage.

My outfit was mainly emerald green with accents of magenta and navy blue. My parents and sisters wore the reverse colours of me – mainly magenta or navy blue. Both the males and females on my side wore navy blue – the men were provided with turquoise dupatta’s. Nouman’s family gave beige kurta’s to all the boys and turquoise dupatta’s aswell. Nouman’s male cousins all wore white. Nouman wore a brown kurta with a beige shalwar and dupatta.

Therefore, the decor matched the above colours. The tent was mainly green with panels of navy blue, turquoise and magenta. I did not want an overtly pink look – I preferred to have the blue’s and greens more prominent. The tablecloth and chair covers were gold with turquoise overlays for the tables and navy/royal blue napkins.

Some of the hors d'oeuvre and appetizers

Some of the hors d’oeuvre and appetizers



Signing the graffiti wall

Signing the graffiti wall

Mehendi Thaals:
Nouman’s family had cute trays and candles that they had decorated with flowers and pearl necklaces. I bought most of my stuff from the dollar store – with the exception of a few pieces from Pakistan. My side had: flower baskets, lanterns, colourful candleholders, a tray with small bowls filled with mehendi, ubtan and toothpicks (from Pakistan), a decorated mehendi plate from Pakistan with 2 paans (leaves) that my mom had attached gota to, velvet paisley and glitter trays, 2 trays of chooriyan covered with velvet fabric, a green coloured platter from Pakistan full of fruits, a basket full of nuts from the Middle East and a tray with Nouman’s flower haar (garland).

I bought flower baskets and the lantern for my cousins

Flower baskets and lanterns for my cousins – Dollar Store. We filled the baskets with rose petals

Mehendi thaals before our entrances

With the exception of the candleholders (top right), everything is from Nouman’s side. I bought the candleholders from the Dollar Store

My mom, sisters and I (mainly my mom) made the velvet paisley trays. I couldn't find fans when I went to Pakistan. My mom's mami saved the day and bought the fans for me

My mom, sisters and I (mainly my mom) made the velvet paisley trays. I couldn’t find fans when I went to Pakistan. My mom’s mami saved the day and bought the fans for me. The 2 green trays (bottom left) are full of chooriyan – my moms friend made the velvet covers. The tray in the middle has Nouman’s haar.

Nouman’s Entrance:
As he entered behind the girls, the music cut to Brooklyn Go Hard by Jay-Z ft. Santogold. Nouman donned a “NY” hat at the entrance of the hall and then walked to the stage.

Nouman getting ready to make his entrance

Nouman getting ready to make his entrance

Nouman's entrance

The guys dancing

My Entrance:
The doors opened to the first beat of Peer Manava (Black and White). As I walked, I was nervous and excited.

Nouman's family ready to receive me

Nouman’s family ready to receive me

Making my entrance

Making my entrance

Peeking through my mamoo's arm

Peeking through my mamoo’s arm

My nerves captured on camera

My nerves captured on camera (by the way, look – my nails did grow! Thank you all for the tips)

I had learned from my baat pakki and kept fruits instead of mithai for our feeding. As a result, even though we had a long lineup of people feeding us, I didn’t feel sick.


Top to Bottom: Nouman’s mom tying gajray (flower bracelets) on my hands, Mehendi (henna) on our leaf, the fruit tray that we were fed from

Nouman's mom

Nouman’s mom putting the mehendi on my leaf

Trying to get in a few words to each other amidst all the chaos

Trying to get in a few words to each other amidst all the chaos

Our Photoshoot:
Most of the pictures below were taken separately before we saw each other. The photoshoot we had of us during dinner was mainly a couples shoot (duh!). The last two pictures in this section are from out photoshoot together.

Nouman's "getting ready" shots

Nouman’s “getting ready” shots

My turn

My turn


Hiding behind my ghoonghat

Hiding behind my ghoonghat




Striking a pose and being silly

Striking a pose and being silly

Stuffing my face with cotton candy!

Stuffing my face with cotton candy!


Dholki and Dances:
The most enteratining portion of the night – everybody did a fantastic job. We had seven dances in total – each roughly around 4-5 minutes. My sisters dance was 9 minutes long! Dances were done by: My family friends – Shahab Brothers, Family Friend Girls, Family Friend Boys, My Sisters, Nouman’s brother and sister-in-law, Nouman’s cousin and Nouman and the boys. With the exception of the last dance, all of them used a medley of songs – surprisingly, not a single song overlapped!

The ladies having a blast on the dhol

The ladies having a blast on the dhol

Nouman's cousin

Nouman’s cousin


Clockwise from Top Left: Girls dance, Shahab brothers, brother and sister-in-law’s and my sisters!

Nouman and the guys dancing to Kolaveri Di

Nouman and the guys dancing to Kolaveri Di

Dancing the night away

Open dance floor


Dancing the night away

The end.

Looks like we maintained good posture

Looks like we maintained good posture

*All the images used in this post are courtesy of Big Al Studios.*

To read about the Mehendi Day, check out my posts: Mehendi Day – Part 1 and Mehendi Day – Part 2. For information on my makeup, check out my tips for a DIY Mehendi Look.

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Behind The Scenes: The Wedding Day – Part 1

The morning of the wedding felt surreal. Surprisingly, I woke up well-rested (I love my sleep come rain or shine) but with knots in my stomach. It’s one of the most important days of your life and yet your emotions vary by the second. The best way I can explain how I felt is by saying this: I was truly happy and at peace (Alhamdulilah) but I could not stop the internal shaking in my stomach (and no, it wasn’t my gut shaking). I was lying in bed and thinking about my room, my family, my current home and the new life I was going to lead. I could not believe the day was here.

Unlike many brides (and grooms), I slept in that day. I had been awake (and crying) for around 15 minutes by the time my family came inside my room to check on me. My family is big on hugging and kissing so as soon as they saw that I was awake, they all jumped into bed with me. I cried, we laughed and then finally I got out of bed.

It was a very calm and peaceful day. It was Jummah (Friday) so all the men went for namaaz and I showered, prayed Jummah (Friday prayers) followed by Salatul Hajaat. The makeup artist for my family came around 1:30 so all my aunts and sisters started getting their hair/makeup done while I just hung around in a daze. My mom ordered pizza so we all munched on that (I definitely wasn’t a non-eating bride; I had 2 slices but had to stop because I didn’t want to be bloated). My mamoo’s (uncles) had picked up the flowers and dropped off my favours/receiving table things at the venue so I was very relaxed and carefree.

Besides how peaceful everything felt, the one emotion I remember strongly is the amount of crying I did. I cried in bed, I cried in the shower, I cried while praying… I cried all over the place. As my family’s makeup artist was finishing up,  I sat on the couch next to my mom and tears started flooding out (again). Neither one of us said anything but she held me in her arms and let me cry. I remember the makeup artist and her mom saying “Awww” but I couldn’t stop. Finally, when my makeup artist (Shirley Wu) buzzed from downstairs, I stopped crying and went to put on my wedding shirt.

Putting on my wedding clothes felt surreal. I remember trembling as I slipped into my shirt – this was really happening. I changed and went back outside to get dolled up! Once I was outside, I had my first small panic attack – my photographer was still not here. As Shirley started doing my hair, I kept thinking that she was so fast and that my photographer had better not miss this. Finally, we placed a call to the photographer who assured us that they were minutes away. Obviously, they know better when to come so that they don’t capture the ugliness pre-makeup. Once my photographer came, they took my getting ready shots (the pictures came out amazing but I can’t share most of them due to my wearing Hijab) and pictures of all my accessories.

Photography by Big Al Studios

While I got my hair/makeup done, I was also on Skype with my khala (aunt) and nani (grandmother). Unfortunately, they couldn’t attend but they were with us the entire day via Skype. My khala is a joker and she kept cracking jokes. Initially, my khala had no idea that Shirley can speak/understand Urdu – she cracked a joke about the makeup and Shirley responded in Urdu. It was pretty funny.

Photography by Big Al Studios

Once my hair and makeup was done, Shirley asked me to put on my Gharara and get my dupatta. She put on my jewellery, did my dupatta setting and I was ready! By the way, when Shirley finished my hair/makeup, I looked in the mirror and couldn’t stop smiling. I looked like a bride!

Photography by Big Al Studios

By the time the short photo session was done, we were running around 15 minutes off schedule and we rushed to get out of the house. My parents, younger sister and I were in one car and my sister and brother-in-law were in a second car. I remember reading lots of dua (prayers) and my mom reading lots of dua’s as we left the home.

When we arrived at the venue, my dad helped me out of the car and we walked inside the hall. As I entered my wedding hall, I was blown away. I fell in love with my venue all over again. I quickly said hi to my videographer and the venue’s coordinator and made my way back into the lobby. At this point, we took some more pictures and then I rushed upstairs to hide in the bridal room.

In the bridal room, I waited – to finally be a Mrs.

Photography by Big Al Studios

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Friday’s Feature: Kolaveri Di Dance By The Hulla Gulla Boys

I have received a few messages from you guys asking me to post more pictures and videos from our wedding. SO, here I am – posting a dance video from our mehendi.

This dance was done by the Hulla Gulla Boys with a special appearance by Nouman! I had no idea that he would do a choreographed dance at the mehendi – although I should have known because he loves to dance. Before Gangnam Style hit our airwaves, everybody was enjoying the tunes to Kolaveri Di. Sit back, relax and enjoy the Hulla Gulla Boys version of Kolaveri Di!

 Have a good weekend!




Friday’s Feature: Sonia’s Henna Art – My Mehendi Artist

I have finally found a Mehendi (henna) person for the wedding! If you recall from my Facebook status, I had asked you guys to recommend someone who isn’t too pricey but also knows how to do “bareek” (intricate) kaam – I wanted traditional Pakistani mehendi, not Arabic style. A big thank you to all of you who replied with suggestions!

I fell in love with the amazing work by NJ’s Unique Henna Art. Nadra’s work was exactly what I was looking for. However, I did not book her due to timing/scheduling aswell as her price. I urge you to check her work – it is stunning!

Enter my mehendi artist. I saw the gorgeous work of Sonia’s Henna Art on Facebook and knew I had to contact her. Her work is exquisite and delicate – exactly what I want. Sonia’s customer service has been great so far – she responds quickly and thoroughly. My mayoun photographer has also recommended her to me as most of her brides have gotten their mehendi done by Sonia. Double YEAY!

*All the images are from Sonia’s Henna Art Facebook Page*

There’s a girl on her arm!

Great colour!

Have you or anyone you know hired Sonia? I’d love to hear what you think of her service, design and colour!

And now, I’m off to start another crazy weekend – I’m meeting alot of my vendors this weekend (I get to test my cake flavours!), dholki’s for our weddings start, I have a furniture shopping date with my mom, I’ll be buying the remaining chocolate for my favours, drop by my shaadi venue to discuss some details – the list could go on, but I’ll spare you guys.

Have a great weekend :) (I don’t have a long weekend, but enjoy yours if you do!!)

Pakistani Wedding Decor: Flower Frenzy

Over the years, I have spent countless hours searching different mediums for wedding decor inspiration. I came to realize that Pakistan has some of the most stunning, jaw-dropping decor ideas to offer.

I have been to a crazy number of weddings (averaging about 6 or 7/year for the last 3 years) but no wedding has come close to the grandeur that Pakistani weddings have. In Pakistan, if you can think it (and your wallet can allow it), you can have it.

Since I love flowers, I wanted to share pictures of wedding decor that is full of them. Unlike North America, flowers are very affordable in Pakistan so they are used elaborately in wedding decor. People make entire stages and archways with them!

Can someone say stunning?!

Love, love, love the colours!

Yup, all the yellow you see are real flowers!

An arch... made of real flowers

Notice the "chandeliers?" Yup, you guessed it - they're made of flowers!

That's a WALL of flowers - how awesome is that?!

Those aren't towers of silk roses.

p.s. notice anything different on the blog? :)