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Wedding Entrance Songs For The Desi Bride

Remember my dilemma for figuring out my entrance songs? Well, here’s a list of songs and why I chose them!

  • Mehendi
    Peer Manava – Black and White
    In terms of entrance songs, this day was the hardest for me. I wanted something upbeat and non-punjabi; I wanted it to be a “girly” song without it being something as girly as “Mehendi Hai Rachne Wali.” Although I loved the song, I was hesitant of selecting this song because of the lyrics. Finally, I made my decision after a chat session at one of my family friends house. We played different songs but we all loved Peer Manava the most. Decision made. I love the beat of this song.
    Nouman’s Entrance Song: The ladies entered with the mehendi first and when Nouman and his entourage entered, the DJ cut to Brooklyn Go Hard by Jay-Z ft. Santogold. It was a memorable entrance and totally Nouman.
  • Shaadi: For the shaadi, I had 2 songs for my entrance. I used one for my entrance before the Nikkah and one after.
    - Entrance Song Before Nikkah: Senraan Ra Baairya - Coke Studios
    I wanted my entrance to be dramatic and full of emotion. This song was perfect because it evoked alot of emotion and added to the atmosphere of my hall. It is a beautiful song.
    - Entrance Song After Nikkah: Sajde - Khatta Meethi
    Besides the fact that I love this song, it is also sweet, hopeful of the future and full of sappy love lyrics. It was the perfect fit for my walk to Nouman.
    - Ring Exchange Song: Badmash Dil – Singham
    This song makes me smile everytime I hear it
    - Rukhsati Song: Mehlon Ka Raja Mela – Lata
    Who can go wrong with this classic?
  • Valima
    We Found Love - Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris
    Nouman and I wanted our valima song to be upbeat, have sweet lyrics, and be true to us. We narrowed down to three artists that  we both bonded over during our early years and then picked a song from there.
Photography by Big Al Studios

Photography by Big Al Studios